Thursday, January 22, 2009

Serial bloghopper

Thursday, January 22, 2009
well well well.
now here we go again. i've jumped from xanga to blogspot to xanga again and now i'm back in blogspot.
i guess i just couldn't take the slowness of xanga. oh well. here i am now.
over xmas and new year i went to engerland with the whole family. it was great for the first 3 days but when you're stuck with all your family members inside a house (coz its so cold to sit outside) for 24hrs it tends to wear on your nerves.
but we all survived the holiday season (but not without a lot of fights).

tareh has just told me about a new type of bass and i'm totally in love regardless of what it sounds like! so here it is :

i want the green and pink one!

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  1. i want the zoologistt!! hehe. meh meh kawin cepatt!!!